Knoxville mouse files lawsuit after being injured reenacting scenes from Stuart Little II


A Knoxville-native mouse, disclosed only as ‘Jerry’ by court-appointed lawyers, filed a lawsuit on July 26th alleging that the movie ‘Stuart Little II’ was harmful to his health.

Hours after attending the movie that he reportedly looked forward to for weeks, even saving his allowance to take the entire family, ‘Jerry’ rushed out to play as if he was Stuart himself. Flying around in a toy airplane and driving a remote control car went well, but it appears that playing soccer is simply outside the realm of mouse-human relations.

Although portions of the film were clearly handled by a stunt rat, no disclosures were made pointing out that a mouse should not play like Stuart at home. ‘Jerry’s’ legal counsel quickly points out that when humans are making a movie they simply cannot know how it will look in the eyes of a young mouse and all possible precautions should be taken to avoid such accidents.

On a positive note, ‘Jerry’ is expected to heal completely. A single soccer cleat punctured his lungs and mangled his testicles but he should be walking like new within 6-8 weeks.