Knoxville Zoo caters to PETA, announces wild vegetable exhibit


In order to make inroads with members of PETA, the Knoxville Zoo has announced a new “Wild Vegetable” exhibit that will open in Summer 2003. Zoos across the United States have often come under fire due to the fact that some activists feel that wild animals are not given proper living conditions. Recent accusations in Knoxville have stemmed from polar bears not living at the true north end of the zoo (protestors refused to believe that the polar bears actually prefer the southern extreme of the facility).

Although the Knoxville Zoo is not going to abandon the animal exhibits that have drawn crowds over the years, they are going to experiment with new PETA friendly attractions. If these new attractions are successful, they will slowly be used to replace all live animal exhibits.

The new exhibit, ‘Wild Vegetables of Southern Appalachia’ will focus on oddly shaped turnips, carrots, and cucumbers.

Tickets for the new wild vegetable exhibit can be purchased for only $25 with each season pass purchased. $5 of each ticket purchased will be donated to the Association of Appalachian Vegetable Farmers.