Longs Drug Store provides antacids for the Southern palate


Put antacids for the Southern palate on your next shopping list. We don’t just overeat during the holiday season, people tend to overindulge frequently. In a land of excess, antacids are almost a daily staple. The problem, most people don’t like the chalky or clearly imitation berry taste of most antacids.

Longs Drug Store has taken a cue from witnessing the demand of flavors such as Turkey and Gravy from Jones Soda Company. Consumers in different regions have very specific tastes. To fill this need, Longs Drug Store is offering residents of Knoxville four different antacid flavors: cornbread, greens, pinto bean, and sour mash.

Since making the announcement, orders have been placed for more than 2000 bottles of antacid. “To be honest, we really didn’t think the products would be this popular, but we are simply thrilled,” said Destiny Brown, marketing assistant for Longs Drug Store. “Right now, all the flavors are moving fairly quickly. Many customers are ordering both the ‘cornbread’ and the ‘pinto bean’ flavors so that they can take both tablets at the same time.”