Market Square business split over Middle East crisis


Just days after the arrest of entrepreneur Scott West, concerns have deepened about the future of Market Square. The increased tensions began with an interview for Knoxpatch, when business owners were asked if they felt that the problems developing for the West’s would have lasting impact on economic stability.

Discussion of the undue pressures placed on the West’s to rebuild the beleaguered region quickly drew comparisons to the current strife in the Middle East. Within moments, it became evident that not everyone agreed on how to best handle the conflict. Soon, signs appeared ranging from “Hezbollah Was Pushed” to “Israel Should Kill Them All And Let God Sort Them Out.”

Mayors Haslam and Ragsdale have called for a peacekeeping force comprised of Turkey Creek business owners be sent into Market Square to open talks amongst Downtown businesses. Visitors are warned about the safety of shopping at Market Square until tensions are settled. Those visiting are urged to wear no colors that could imply a specific stance in the current crisis with the Middle East, and not to look anyone directly in the eye.