Mayor Ashe unveils new line of designer underwear


Politicians often find outside interests and revenue sources after terms in office. Most recently we’ve seen President Clinton debate a televised talk show and Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson on Law & Order.

Putting an end to rampant speculation Mayor Victor Ashe has made public his plans to launch a line of designer underwear. Sporting simple designs and allowing a great deal of freedom, ‘Ashewear’ is created to make the owner feel both ‘frisky’ and safe…as if one was at home snuggling a teddy bear.

The current models undergoing a limited test-market phase at the Chapman Highway Goodwill are pictured at bottom of this page.

Upcoming additions to the ‘Ashewear’ line, depending on the popularity of the underwear, include a new four-beer drinking hat and a turtleneck condom.

Ashewear for women
Ashewear for men