Meeting Les Jones, Tamara, and sitting across from Knoxville’s most famous cross-gendered personality


Well, the first Ray’s blog night is here. Due to late notice, the turnout isn’t huge but it’s high class. So far, things are great. The Knoxville News Sentinel is here to cover the festivities, so I wish we had more folks around the table.

At this point, the food and service have been great. But, oddly, you have a slight obstacle course to get to the bathroom.

Les has happily scarfed down some crabcakes, and I didn’t hear him complain…actually, we didn’t hear anything from him until the food was gone. Tamara just knocked down a dozen or so shrimp and Bjorn is working through his fried mushrooms.

Although I realize this isn’t exciting to the general reader, it is what’s happening now.

Ooh, Another One Bites The Dust just came on and Tamara and Bjorn just started wiggling like only bloggers can.

The nice photographer from the Sentinel is going to go ahead and take some pics before everyone gets here, so our small crowd just got rather uncomfortable. πŸ™‚

Lessons learned today, from this posting….although it’s important to post on topical items…it’s good to have a topic before typing.

OK, I mentioned the crossdresser earlier. I haven’t spoken to him/her, but he’s hanging out at the bar talking to the girls. I can’t help but wonder why. Hitting on them? Dressing tips? WTF? As an outsider it’s just odd.

I’m logging off for now, might revise/edit/fix this later….but considering how infrequently I’ve been online…might just leave it as it is.


  1. As a transgender person, I must object to your use of the terms “crossdresser” and “him/her”, and I’m writing this to inform you that your choice of words is rather insulting and indicates a total lack of respect for Ms. Gish.

    Ms. Gish is not a “crossdresser,” she is a transsexual. Crossdressing is a recreational activity. When one commits to living full-time and in public as the opposite sex, they have confirmed their true identity and are at that point wearing the clothes appropriate for their gender. For Ms. Gish, wearing men’s clothes would be crossdressing!

    And while the above may be a matter of semantics, the use of “him/her” (and even calling her “he”) is downright insulting. Ms. Gish obviously considers herself female and presents herself as such, and you could at least have the common courtesy to respect that.

    As for what she was doing at the bar, she was probably just chatting with other women – the same way any other woman might, the same way you might chat with other guys. Its very telling that, because she’s different, you felt the need to read ulterior motives into what was probably just innocent socializing.

  2. why do transgenders,crossgenders, crossdressers, etc. take such offense to this? its america. nobody forced you to read it. its there decision to be like that, and you knew what you were getting into when you started dressing oppositely. so why are you pissed off about something that you know is going to happen? funny article though
    much enjoyed.
    except fo the offended person. lol

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