More controversial emails surface from Knox County finance director John Werner


TENNESSEE (KP) Recently an email from John Werner surfaced that indicated a boycott of restaurants owned by Mike Chase, including Calhoun’s, Copper Cellar, Cappuccino’s, Chesapeake’s, Cumberland Grill, Cherokee Grill and the Smoky Mountain Brewery.

Sources have told Knoxpatch that several other disturbing emails from Werner have been collected and will be made available to the public in the coming days. Key points from the emails include:

  • “…boycotting wearing socks with exception of while inside a place of worship.”
  • “…under no circumstance acknowledge to the general public the fact that I am required to mow Ragsdale’s yard during Thursday lunch breaks.”
  • “Whoever removed the panties from my desk drawer is to return them immediately.”
  • “The library would only serve crack whores with a bathroom and free romance novels anyway, so let’s just let it go.”