North Pole appoints Knoxville-based firm as factory architects


At a press conference this week, Christopher Kringle announced that the North Pole Business Development Group has selected Knoxville-based McCarty Holsaple McCarty to build a new toy factory.

McCarty Holsaple McCarty has recently designed several high profile buildings; including the Rainbow Vault in Ireleand and the controversial 12-acre chicken coop commissioned by the Easter Bunny.

A statement from the McCarty Holsaple McCarty website read: “The progress and future stability of Christmas is now in our hands. With the population growth the world is experiencing, an efficient factory design is important in keeping up with toy demand.

“Designing such a facility with limited construction materials will be a challenge. Although we have created structures with diverse limitations, this will be our first 100% gingerbread and candy design.”

The new facility is expected to be online by the Summer of 2008.