Anti-Mensa meeting tonight at Krutch Park


Knowing that idiots need a chance to mingle, an anti-Mensa meeting has been scheduled tonight at 6pm in Krutch Park. So that fellow idiots can find one-another, they are encouraged to identify themselves with Occupy Knoxville or Occupy Together signs.


  1. Yes, YOU, MR KNOX PATCH, are the DEFINITE REDNECK IDIOT. I guarantee my IQ is at least 20 points above yours! Its about time THE PEOPLE of this country get up off of their lazy TV watching butts, stop being brainwashed into believing their football coach will be able to cure all of the ills of the world, and take the running of OUR country back into the hands of the people! We must start prosecuting the CEO’s and board members of Corporate America for the money they have stolen and the murders they have committed! The laws are already in place. WE MUST DEMAND these thieves be prosecuted!!!! Our politicians MUST be denied the ability to WHORE themselves. The laws are already in place!!!!! APPLY them to corporate america!

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