Plan for former Universe Knoxville site unveiled


Developers predict this many people will show up daily to the new wavepool Now that the Universe Knoxville concept has been officially shut down, has learned that a new plan is on the fast track to production. A new multi-use facility will be built instead, with a Bahamian atmosphere flowing into the streets of downtown Knoxville. A city block from Cable Beach, on Nassau Island, will be relocated to the structure. New housing units will be constructed to resemble straw huts, the sounds of waves will echo throughout the complex. Small tikki huts will enable local artisans to display their wares. The “piece de resistance” is the giant wavepool on the third floor with simulated sand that will encompass an entire city block. The developer, Russ Entropy, said “Bohemain, Bahamian, what’s the difference? It’s all laid back. This should attract hippies as well as tourists to the downtown area.”