Political victory for preservationists, no more digging


A recent battle regarding the preservation of a mailbox in the Historic Fourth and Gill Neighborhood (http://www.historicknoxville.com/tour.htm) has resulted in an unparalleled victory for preservationists.

Bryan Hoag recently moved into the Fourth and Gill neighborhood with hopes of enjoying a long life in Downtown Knoxville. Before kicking back and enjoying the long, slow Knoxville sunsets Mr. Hoag wished to spruce up his home by installing a new mailbox and planting a couple sunflowers.

Shortly after making public his intention to replace the old mailbox Mr. Hoag received a court order to delay all work until the matter could be studied fully. It was assumed by many that a letter had been delivered to this specific mailbox…a very special letter that was handwritten by Elvis Presley.

While fighting for the right to replace the mailbox someone overheard Mr. Hoag mention his desire to finish this silly procedure and plant his sunflowers. Sensing a spectacular opportunity, local preservationists funded a study of the land surrounding Mr. Hoag’s house and discovered that the land had not been broken by shovel or other means for at least 56 years.

This discovery was the beginning of the new ruling that all digging within Knoxville must be halted immediately and forever if the land has not been disturbed by shovel, hoe, pick, spade, dog, cat, gopher, mole, or mechanical digging device within the last 50 years.