Rationalists of East Tennessee declare “We’re right!”


In response to mounting negative community reaction to the Rationalists of East Tennessee, the organization released a statement yesterday. The purpose of the statement was to clarify their positions on, literally, everything:

“As rationalists, it is our duty to inform the world how our superior intellect has given us insight into answers to the questions of life, the universe, and everything. We know other people have opinions, however, they are not valid. Only our conclusions are accurate. We are not clouded by a belief system based on anything else but our own ability to be smarter than everyone. We amaze ourselves each and every day with our own cleverness.”

The group plans to distribute flyers around the community to raise awareness. Their bumper sticker “We’re right, you’re wrong” has sold more than 11 units this year alone. The 11-member groups hopes to launch a re-education program in local schools within a year.