Sea-Monkey Museum moving to downtown Knoxville


In other news, the International Society of Sea-Monkey Culture is planning to develop a museum in or around Market Square. The group was drawn to Knoxville by the availability of reasonable internet access through DigitalSea-Monkeys Crossing and the convenience of New Age pizza. Sea-Monkeys are the adorable little creatures children have been ordering from comic books for decades, and immortalized in shows such as Southpark and The Simpsons. Sea-Monkeys are little people who grow in water and create villages. They resemble brine shrimp unless viewed under a very powerful magnifying glass.

Downtown residents are rumored to be excited about the possibility such a highly-esteemed international organization would consider a move here. The museum would draw a continuous crowd of locals, who are shying away from Oak Ridge in droves, as well as tourists. The organization desires the use of no public funding, they just request you do not feed the Sea-Monkeys anything but approved Sea-Monkey food while visiting. Plans include the largest Sea-Monkey aquarium in the world, as well as a Sea-Monkey petting area and live shows where highly trained technicians swim with the Sea-Monkeys.