Small group of Knoxvillians discovered in natural habitat, undisturbed for more than 200 years


Joseph Black made a startling discovery recently behind Knoxville Municipal Golf Course in North Knoxville when test driving a new Land Rover. Black stated “Before buying a vehicle this expensive, you want to make sure it can really go off-road. I thought driving across the rolling fairways and hazards would be the ideal test. I was having so much fun that when I crossed the fifth green I just shot straight through into the woods.”

What Mr. Black found wasn’t a simple wooded area to test the hydraulic lifts on the Land Rover, he found an entire ‘family’ of 36 Knoxvillians living just as they did more than 200 years ago – completely untouched by civilization or golf balls.

The simple structures utilized by the original Knoxvillians were very basic and nearly worthless by today’s standards, similar to the historic homes often protected throughout Knoxville.

After returning his vehicle to the dealership, Mr. Black returned home to kiss his wife goodbye and move in with the small group. When asked why he would do such a thing he had very little to say, simply that he was currently fed up with modern society and that he wanted nothing more to do with Knoxville proper. Special instructions have been given to family members to retrieve Mr. Black from the woods for the opening of Universe Knoxville.