Smurf infestation nearly closes popular downtown eatery


TENNESSEE (KP) – Oodles, owned by embattled entrepreneur Scott West, has failed a recent health inspection due to a massive Smurf infestation.

According to Oodles Chef, Bruce Bogartz, it has been impossible to get the Smurfs out of the building. “They are simply drawn to the mushrooms that Scott was growing in the back room. First we saw a couple of them…they were suddenly everywhere. A mushroom field of this size is like a giant Smurf condo.”

Being shy creatures, it was nearly impossible to reach any Smurfs for comment. Only Papa Smurf would go on record, with this comment. “If you want to help downtown Knoxville, get out and have a drink or something to eat at Oodles or Preservation Pub. Now, leave me the Smurf alone!”


  1. If anyone has seen Bruce Bogartz I have a bounty on his head. He thinks just because Knoxville isnt a culinary mecca and he is talented that te people of knoxville owe him something.Bruce Bogartz is a horrible buisiness man and if you hire him he WILL screw you some way somehow.If you have seen him please comment.Cash Reward!

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