Sundquist declares January ‘Chik-Fil-A: Eat Mor Chikin Month’


Governor Sundquist, on the heels of rejecting a proclamation of ‘Vegetarian Month’ has apparently bowed to the pressure of outside interest groups. January has been declared ‘Chik-Fil-A: Eat Mor Chikin’ month. According to Sundquist, “This proclamation promotes a positive message. You can easily tell from the billboards that chicken is a healthy alternative to beef. The cows work very hard promoting this fact. Heck, sometimes those cows can really get into some funny situations…and you should see them in the new 2003 calendar.” It should be noted that this proclamation does not include Sundays. Although chicken is healthier than beef seven days/week, families are encouraged to spend time together eating beef on the Sabbath.