Taco Bell test markets ‘City-Cups’ to increase voter turnout


Recent years have shown dramatic declines in voter turnout throughout the United States. In an impressive show of civic-duty Yumm Foods, parent company of Taco Bell, has announced the introduction of new ‘City-Cups’ that will be test marketed in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Each ‘City-Cup’ will feature biographical information regarding local political candidates. In the months leading to election patrons will have the ability to learn about two different candidates with each value meal purchased. While the cup is completely full and very cold it will display information regarding the Democratic party. As the fluid is consumed and the ice level goes down, it will reveal information regarding a Republican candidate.

During election periods special scratch cards will be available with any 32-ounce Pepsi product. These cards will allow patrons to vote at any Taco Bell location within the city…and if their candidate wins they will automatically be registered to win one of six new Lincoln Navigators.