Tradebank of Knoxville expands services to include housewives


Tradebank has been a full-service barter exchange program since its inception in 1987. Businesses and professional individuals have long benefitted from participation in the Tradebank network through the opportunity to barter for their needs, allowing them to retain cash they would otherwise expend. A wide range of products and services are promoted on behalf various clients.

With the slow economy of recent months, bartering among business has slowed. Utilizing the same entrepreneurship that allowed Tradebank to gain a foothold in the bartering business, Tradebank Knoxville is expanding services to include housewives. Soon, Knoxville housewives will be able to join the list of Tradebank clients and barter for goods and services.

According to Emmit Fitzhume, Tradebank representative, the service expansion is a natural fit. “Housewives work hard every day, and some of them simply don’t like to do certain jobs. With our new system Housewife A (who doesn’t like to wash toilets) can easily hook up with Housewife B (who oddly enjoys washing toilets…but has an unnatural fear of dusting).

Similarly, professional businessmen will have the opportunity to barter traditional services for any of the various women available at any given time. I know what you are thinking; but services rendered are not managed by Tradebank, we are simply here to help bring service providers together with those needing services.”

Further information is available by visiting Tradebank online. Photos of available housewives to be added in the coming weeks.