Victor Ashe working on new attraction for Knoxville


Sore at being outdone by current Knoxville mayor Bill Haslam, Victor Ashe is rumored to be using his ties with President Bush to lure a new attraction to downtown Knoxville. According to an anonymous contact familiar with the negotiations, Ashe is in talks with President Bush to locate the Bush Presidential Library in downtown Knoxville. Ashe believes this will really put Knoxville on the map, and that the attraction has the potential to draw more visitors than even the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame. “Haslam has done some stuff to revitalize downtown, but just not enough,” explained the source. “Victor is dead set on leaving a legacy and since he couldn’t save the Smith-Coughlin house from the evil Cherokee Country Club, he has decided that this is the next best thing.” A spokesperson for President Bush would not comment. However, experts are torn on both the likelihood and logic of locating Bush’s library here.