WATE Pothole Patrol starts investigative news battle among Knoxville stations


With a fierce battle for viewers, WATE has scored a solid win in the competition for the news audience by introducing the WATE Pothole Patrol. This new and edgy programming decision puts reporters on the front line of danger, often having to drive directly over potholes in order to secure a position to report on them.

Sensing the pending loss of viewers, three competitors have stepped up to offer the following features:

  • WVLT, Mailbox Militia. Getting more than your share of junk mail? Let WVLT come by and open your mail with live coverage.
  • WBIR Cigarette Butt Commandos. Ever find yourself in a location that has more cigarette butts than you think is normal? Maybe around the gas pump our outside your favorite restaurant? The Cigarette Butt Commandos can help.
  • WTNZ, Restroom Rescuers. If you visit a restaurant or other public entity with a dirty restroom, they’ll step in to clean up the act.

Although this is putting local news talent in the line of danger, it’s necessary in order to compete. If you happen to miss any of these cutting edge segments, they will be available through each station website via video podcast.