Wife upset; husband buys Jumbotron

Jumbotron, still in its packing, waits
to be installed in a West Knoxville home

A West Knoxville man, tired of his friends having a larger television screen than him for the big game or movies, had a Jumbotron installed in his home. The Jumbotron, measuring much larger than even his best friend’s 56″ widescreen high definition television, required him to raise the height of his living room to two stories. The modifications to his home upset his wife, who reportedly had to sacrifice her upstairs sewing room to make way for the larger television. She also complained about the 5000 watt THX Certified/Dolby Digital/DTS surround system he had installed to go with it. However, the couple’s children are also excited, and claim that their XBOX now “really kicks ass.”