Human shields relocate to Knoxville


Five more volunteers who went to Iraq to serve as “human shields,” including two Americans, left the country when the government told where their assigned locations would be. The five had hoped for locations that were unlikely to be attacked such as food warehouses and water treatment plants.

Although they feared death, their convictions were still strong and they all felt that they still had a statement to make. The two Americans, after a brainstorming session on the flight home, agreed that they could best serve in the human shield initiative by relocating to Krutch Park in Knoxville, Tennessee.

The legitimacy of such a move was initially questioned, but a strong argument was made to support its validity. Allan Clemente, self-proclaimed aggressive pacifist, said that “Although no statements have been made to indicate that Saddam has stored any biological or chemical agents in Krutch Park it is very important to note that he has yet to deny the possibility. This makes Krutch Park a clear target of the U.S. forces.”

Weapons inspectors are expected to divert to Tennessee for a brief visit to Krutch Park in the near future.