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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Relief supplies sent to China returned due to lead content

In recent days, tons of relief supplies have been sent to China after a 7.9 magnitude earthquake killed tens of thousands. Two aircraft were...




Trump recorded singing the praises of lamb fries

In newly released recordings, Donald Trump was overheard lauding his guilty pleasure, lamb fries.  In the 1994 recording, Trump was overheard discussing his obsession...

Wikileaks previews latest Clinton data dump with Knoxpatch.com

Ahead of their major announcement coming Tuesday, Wikileaks exclusively previewed several of the more interesting findings with Knoxpatch.com today.  Through email, Julian Assange shared...

Randy Burleson buys Crown And Goose, plans conversion to Cheddar’s

This week, news emerged that Randy Burleson, owner of Knoxville favorites Aubrey's and Bistro By The Tracks, has purchased Old City's standout, The Crown...


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The Duggar family makes new announcement about baby #20

On the heels of The Duggar's latest announcement, that Michelle is pregnant with baby #20, they have announced that it's really babies number 20...

Stacey Campfield still welcome in some Knoxville restaurants

Based on the news yesterday that Stacey Campfield was denied service at a restaurant most Knoxvillians thought closed for good in 1986, astute Knoxpatch.com...

Dream Ticket coming soon to a ballot near you?

There has been much speculation as to whether the Democrats will assemble a Dream Ticket consisting of Obama for President and Clinton for Vice-President....


Comus, Roman god of mirth, spotted at MacLeod’s Pub

Much to the surprise of the usual crowd at MacLeod's Pub, a calm night of enjoying a beer with friends recently turned into much...