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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Simmons to retire to East Tennessee

Richard Simmons – noted exercise guru and perennial guest on The Late Show with David Letterman – has decided to call his day in...




Trump recorded singing the praises of lamb fries

In newly released recordings, Donald Trump was overheard lauding his guilty pleasure, lamb fries.  In the 1994 recording, Trump was overheard discussing his obsession...

Wikileaks previews latest Clinton data dump with Knoxpatch.com

Ahead of their major announcement coming Tuesday, Wikileaks exclusively previewed several of the more interesting findings with Knoxpatch.com today.  Through email, Julian Assange shared...

Randy Burleson buys Crown And Goose, plans conversion to Cheddar’s

This week, news emerged that Randy Burleson, owner of Knoxville favorites Aubrey's and Bistro By The Tracks, has purchased Old City's standout, The Crown...


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Moose numbers on rise in East Tennessee

Many moose are becoming more and more frustrated with long cold winters presented to them in the northern areas of the continent. They are...

Knoxville City Council members may have sent lewd photos, nobody cares

In the shadow of negative attention drawn to Rep. Anthony Weiner due to sharing suggestive photos with several individuals, it appears that several Knoxville...

Yemeni company to operate Port of Knoxville

Last month, Jihad Oil, Gas, and Ports Ltd., a company based in Sana'a in the Republic of Yemen, bought Holston Gases in downtown Knoxville....


Possum pox breaks out in Clinton

Health officials investigating an outbreak of possum pox that apparently spread from a single possum in Clinton, Tennessee said yesterday the number of reported...