Sunday, October 21, 2018

New Market Square redevelopment plan unveiled

After much fierce debate, a plan for redevelopment of Knoxville's own Market Square has been approved to proceed. The plan, which will cost taxpayers...




Trump recorded singing the praises of lamb fries

In newly released recordings, Donald Trump was overheard lauding his guilty pleasure, lamb fries.  In the 1994 recording, Trump was overheard discussing his obsession...

Wikileaks previews latest Clinton data dump with

Ahead of their major announcement coming Tuesday, Wikileaks exclusively previewed several of the more interesting findings with today.  Through email, Julian Assange shared...

Randy Burleson buys Crown And Goose, plans conversion to Cheddar’s

This week, news emerged that Randy Burleson, owner of Knoxville favorites Aubrey's and Bistro By The Tracks, has purchased Old City's standout, The Crown...


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Pancake breakfast conspiracy uncovered

The East Turtle Baptist Church holds pancake breakfasts each month to raise money for its building fund, mission trips, or other expenditures. Recently, conspiracy...

The SUV War comes to Knoxville

A war is waging in Knoxville where street meets sidewalk. A large group of sidewalk and greenway users are trying to organize a movement...

Martian lands in Ft. Sanders; fits in

In a U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) report made public last week, a Martian is said to have landed in the Fort Sanders...


Political victory for preservationists, no more digging

A recent battle regarding the preservation of a mailbox in the Historic Fourth and Gill Neighborhood ( has resulted in an unparalleled victory for...

Non-hippy buys Subaru